British Crystallographic Association

        Biological Structures Group Winter Meeting 2012


     From Genome to Proteome



                            11 December 2012

           MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology




DNA replication and repair (11:00-13:00)

- Luca Pellegrini                                        University of Cambridge

  The mechanism of initiation of DNA synthesis in eukaryotic replication

- Neil Kad                                                     University of Essex

  Single molecule insights into the dynamic nature of protein-DNA interactions

  during nucleotide excision DNA repair

- Dale Wigley                                              Institute for Cancer Research, London

  Structure and Mechanism of Chromatin Modifying Complexes


Transcription (14:00-15:30)

- Alessandro Vannini                              Institute for Cancer Research, London

  Structural studies of the RNA Polymerase III transcription apparatus

- Chris Oubridge                                       MRC-LMB, Cambridge

  An 'all atom' structure of U1 snRNP

- David Lilley                                              University of Dundee

  Kink turns in RNA - structure, folding and interactions with proteins


Translation (16:00-17:30)

- Israel Sanchez                                         MRC-LMB, Cambridge

  New insights in stop codon decoding on the ribosome

- Ivo Tews                                                   University of Southampton

  What plants and bacteria have in common - protein translocation and insertion machineries

- Cara Vaughan                                          Birkbeck College, London

  The Structure of the Sgt1-Skp1 Complex: Linking Hsp90 to Assembly of the Yeast



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