BCA Biological Structures Group

Winter Meeting


18th December 2000

Clore Lecture Theatre

Birkbeck College


10.40 Welcome to the Meeting Prof Julia Goodfellow (Vice-Master and Chair of School of Crystallography Birkbeck College)

First Session Chair Nicholas Keep

10.50-11.15 Neil McDonald (Birkbeck/ICRF)

  • Overview of signal transduction
  • 11.15-11.45 Roger Williams (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge)

  • Structural studies of activation and inhibition of PI 3-kinase.
  • 11.45-12.30 AstraZeneca Speaker.

  • Alfred Wittinghofer (Max Planck Institute, Dortmund)

    Structural Insights into Regulation of Nuclear Transport

  • 12-30 -1.45 Lunch

  • Old Refectory, Main Building Birkbeck.
  • Cross the grass outside, go under the gap between Birkbeck and ULU, turn left. Go in the Main Entrance of Birkbeck. Through the doors to the right of the lift. Down the stairs and through the double doors ahead and straight on to the end of the corridor.
  • Second Session Chair

    1.45-2.10 Laurence Pearl (Institute of Cancer Research, London)

  • Coupling of substrate specificity and catalytic activation in GSK3-beta
  • 2.10-2.35 David Barford (Institute for Cancer Research, London)

  • Structural basis for protein kinase regulation by protein phosphatases
  • 2.35-3.00 Katrin Rittinger (National Institute for Medical Research, London)

  • Downstream signalling of Rho GTPases
  • 3.00-3.25 Stefan Arold (Oxford)

  • Regulatory Interactions of Focal Adhesion Kinases
  • 3.25-4.00 Tea

    Third Session

    4.00-4.25 Jonas Emsley (Leicester)

  • Signalling through the Integrin I domain
  • 4.25-4.50 Ernest Laue (University of Cambridge)

  • Structure and interactions of chromo domains
  • 4.50-5.15 Aidan Doherty (Wellcome Trust Centre, Cambridge)

  • Structural insights into DNA repair-related signalling events
  • We thank our generous sponsors


    Molecular Dimensions Limited

    Hampton Research

    Glaxo Wellcome

    Molecular Structure Corporation (Europe)

    Bruker AXS


    The next BCA Biological Structures Group Meeting will be part of the BCA Spring Meeting at the University of Reading on 8th and 9th April 2001. See this link . The sessions will be called "How MAD can you get?", "Stretching the limits- proteins at atomic resolution" and " Hot Structures". The Bragg Lecture will be given by Prof David Stuart.